Spring Colors

Another snow storm looms but spring will come. Experimenting with new shapes, colors and a hint of white gold luster this season!



Spring has sprung.

Spring wreath from my printable shop on etsy, printablenature.








Spring is here. Been working away on some fun pieces. The baby chicks are growing and are enjoying their new space with roosts to play on.

Chicks Rock, Spring is in the Air

springworkblogUpdate from Bale and Twine studios; new baby chicks hanging out in the pottery studio, new Spring Suds soap available on Etsy, nature in my ceramics; new additions to my printable shop Printable Nature and new DIY kits on my new craft shop Craft Adorned

Follow along us on Instagram and see our new chick video. Spring is in the air.

Spring Fling Ceramics

springceramics2016The happy chirping of the birds and longer days signal that spring is on its way. Here are some springy treats from the kiln. Available for purchase on Amazon Handmade and Etsy.

Spring has sprung!

Spring arrives. A walk in the woods revealed some red trillium flowers- never knew they could be red. Also found some tourists by the pond:-) SPRINGARRIVESOne anther note, to celebrate the arrival of the warm weather, I have opened a new etsy shop for my jewelry creations! Stop by to check it out! Happy Spring!

Having fun with Spoonflower

A big thank you to all my customers, friends & family for supporting my handmade adventures. Bale and Twine was able to give back through the following charities; Doctors without Borders, Invisible Children, Habitat for Humanity and World Vision. Many thanks!! Last year I began to explore pattern/textile design. I tried block printing, painting and creating designs to print through Spoonflower. I really enjoyed entering some of Spoonflower’s weekly contests and learning more about pattern design. splashSo when the new year came about, I decided to continue with some fun new patterns for Spring. I just received a sample of Spoonflower’s wall paper in my color splash design. Looks amazing! I am waiting for the fabric samples of my other designs to arrive. landkeemroseYou can click on the images and visit my shop on Spoonflower to see the patterns in more detail. Can’t wait to see the fabric samples. Worked on some new soaps today – hope to have pics to show tomorrow.

new beginnings…

Wet and cold here in the NE. What happened to the 85 degree weather???? Well, it does make for good growing weather I guess. I found these babies in the gardens this morning. Strawberries, grapes, blueberries, onions, spruce cones, ad the beloved peonies! newbeginningsBTI made a fun peppermint sachet today using my geek chic fabric. I included a hanging ribbon so you can use it anywhere you want to. chic sachetaYou can purchase my fun Geek Chic Lady fabric at my Spoonflower shop.

taking back your garden…

garden at bale and twineHad a break in the sunny weather this weekend and decided to tackle the garden and the WEEDS! Much easier to weed when the soil is damp and the air is cool. It is the much dreaded task of spring before planting. We try to do as much as we can in fall to prep but there is always work to do come spring. gardening baleandtwineAs you can see we had some supervisors, one layabout, one weed controller and three bystanders. floral baleandtwineThis year we are trying out grass clippings as mulch to keep the weeds down. So we raked and raked and raked. Then we went out into the field and looked like real city folk by raking some more. It felt a bit odd. fieldgrass baleandtwineWho cares, as long as it works, even just a bit. Weeds are not fun come summer when it is hot and buggy out. flocks baleandtwinecrabapple baleandtwinecrabaWhen the sun did shine through it was a delight and made everything sparkle. All in all a good outdoor working weekend. Now we are ready to plant! Oh yeah, and rest our achy muscles:-)

morning blooms – just some pretty pics

greenOh happy Spring!!! I think a couple of these have almost a fairy tale land quality to them:-) tulipdaffwhitepinkaza

spring flowers

irisgrape hyacinthpansy

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