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Fall Clean Up

Cooler weather is here. Time to clean out the veggie garden and store the fire wood. The chickens love to help out:-)

More pottery and some new soap curing. Enjoying the fall leaves while they last.


Still snowing… curing soap… springy ceramics


Still snowing here. Enjoying the sledding and skiing while we can. Here is the latest batch of soap curing, Bamboo Whisper with shea butter. Also, just uploaded these spring like ceramics to my etsy shop.

Summer Fresh Soap and new pottery

Introducing my new soap for summer- I call it Summer Breeze. A smooth bar containing shea butter and cocoa butter with a lovely soft blend of essential oils featuring lavender and grapefruit. Summer Breeze Soap cubes soaps shell soaps slicecubes soapsshell soapsslicelettuce and pottery

Here are some of my new pottery pieces- so much fun to see them in use! Hoping to add some pottery works to my shop eventually:-) The lettuce is from our garden- love how vibrant it is. Can’t wait for tomato season! flowersBelow are some super saturated pics from the garden. It may be cold for a good half of the year here but when summer comes- it is an emerald city:-)

Curious Nature

orangevanillaBTHere is my new Citrus Lux soap set out to cure. This bar has a fresh, warm enveloping aroma of orange and vanilla and seeds for scrubbing action. Smells good. greencitrusBTThe green clay bar which is olive oil with a hint of castor oil is still in the mold. It has a more woodsy citrus scent and should be quite silky to use. It needs a few more days before to set up before being cut. curious natureBTI have been trying to keep up with a bit of painting each week. My new pattern, Curious Nature, is created from a series of outdoor watercolors. I have ordered a test swatch of this on on Spoonflower’s twill fabric. Will take a pic when I get the order.

it’s Friday again…

grapefruitsoapWhy is it that when November hits, time just seems to ZOOOOOOM by? I have made some new soap, two deliciously fresh scents, a grapefruit blend and a lavender blend. lavsoapTo the grapefruit I added some apricot seed powder for a light scrub and to the lavender I added some shredded loofah. lavheartsBoth smell like something out of the garden, can’t wait to try them out. Blue Bird from Bale and TwineBlue Bird from Bale and TwineBlue Bird from Bale and TwineI also worked on a blue bird watercolor painting yesterday. Pictured here is the print. I am trying to come up with some new artwork to apply to fabrics etc… I couldn’t resist printing some smaller prints of the painting. Turned out that the brochure paper, 180g matte, worked best on my hp printer. I was able to achieve a nice color match.

baresuds, frogs, pineapples and more…good morning!

BTorange slice soapSay “Good Morning” to my new soap, Orange Slice with oatmeal! Freshly cut this morning this will now cure for few weeks. Staying the citrus theme I also have created a new deliciously rich Whipped Body Butter, this time with Lavender and Grapefruit in the blend!  BTWHIPPED BUTTER2clav soapsHere is my super smooth Citrus Lavender with green clay soap (available for sale). Also been working on some sewing featuring my new fabric designs! Even had a delightful custom pillow order with a fabulous client who sent me a photo of the completed setup. newworkBT

Catch the light…

Soap Dish and Soap SetI love color! So I decided to experiment with some new fun ideas for unique soap dishes. Plus they also make great props for photographing my soaps:-) White Soap DishRound Soap Dish and Soap SetDecorative TileThese delights are available for purchase at my Etsy Shop. There were more of them but the family ran away with them:-)

Sunday Iris and Mellow Soap

Well, there goes the drought. We have been well doused in rain and the plants are looking mighty happy. The mint and the iris have jumped into high gear and look spring fresh. Couldn’t resist trying out a nice mellow blend of Cocoa Butter, Vanilla and Peppermint swirled with dried apricot seed powder for my new soap made on Sunday. As I thought the Cocoa Butter really worked well in the molded soap giving them a nice clean edge.

Cute new items for Mother’s Day!!! and soap for you Outdoors types!

Happy Spring Day! More like a summer’s day today, up in the 80’s. Check out our new gorgeous Natural Lotion Bar shapes (just in time for Mother’s Day). Also in store we have new soaps: Unscented with ground luffa, Happy Lemon Goat’s Milk soap with Shea Butter and Spring Fresh! You can find these at our shop. Soap bars are available and fun shaped soaps too!

Flowers are loving the heat today as they burst wide open.

Made an amazing Soap for all you outdoors types. It is loaded with goodies! Blueberry seeds for scrubbing, french green clay to smooth, grapefruit, lemongrass, clary sage, bergamot, eucalyptus and thyme essential oils with hints of balsam peru, cedarwood, coriander seed, fir needle, lavender and black pepper essential oils. Have some fun new molds it is in too – but you’ll have to wait to see them out of the mold:-)

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