Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all! Pretty morning sky as I headed out to do a bisque firing this morning! We all muscled through the light rain yesterday for some trick or treating:-) Have a wonderful and safe day!


Yikes! Snow today…only October yet… It all started with a dramatic sunrise, red sky in the morning, sailors warning!

Chilly temps means baking… added some cocoa to the oatmeal bars today for a yummy treat! In the studio, more brown clay including a citrus juicer and chip in dip plate…

Not sure how much the chickens enjoyed the snow today, they were out and about once the sleet tapered off.

Fall Clean Up

Cooler weather is here. Time to clean out the veggie garden and store the fire wood. The chickens love to help out:-)

More pottery and some new soap curing. Enjoying the fall leaves while they last.


An inspiring walk outdoors.

New pieces in the works and a new clay on the wheel.

Even though it was a gloomy day here the colors still popped. A perfect afternoon for a walk. Check out the new outdoors movies on our YouTube channel. There were some crazy birds overhead this morning.

Fall Colors

Fall colors are in full swing here. Lucky for us our raspberries decided to make another crop. With the cooler temps last week, I couldn’t resist making a chicken pot pie, yum!

Ice morning


Would love some more sledding snow but have to admit the ice is beautiful as long as you don’t have to drive in it. A glass lover’s dream.

Pottery for Ice Cold Beverages

The warmer weather is here, time to settle back on your patio with a nice cold drink. New to my handmade pottery line are cheery pitchers and great spoon rests.

Handmade Pottery Out in the garden the plants are flourishing, peonies are gorgeous as always! peonys in the garden

Spring has sprung!

Spring arrives. A walk in the woods revealed some red trillium flowers- never knew they could be red. Also found some tourists by the pond:-) SPRINGARRIVESOne anther note, to celebrate the arrival of the warm weather, I have opened a new etsy shop for my jewelry creations! Stop by to check it out! Happy Spring!

Curious Nature

orangevanillaBTHere is my new Citrus Lux soap set out to cure. This bar has a fresh, warm enveloping aroma of orange and vanilla and seeds for scrubbing action. Smells good. greencitrusBTThe green clay bar which is olive oil with a hint of castor oil is still in the mold. It has a more woodsy citrus scent and should be quite silky to use. It needs a few more days before to set up before being cut. curious natureBTI have been trying to keep up with a bit of painting each week. My new pattern, Curious Nature, is created from a series of outdoor watercolors. I have ordered a test swatch of this on on Spoonflower’s twill fabric. Will take a pic when I get the order.

fabric ornaments and rainbows – tis the season…

bluebirdornamentBT1animalsBTbirdtagsBT1heelermorning2morning5morning6Shot these rainbow pics the morning after those nasty storms the other day. We were very lucky here and only had a brief encounter with the front in the middle of the night. Busy making ornaments for the shop.

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