chickens like to play in that leaf pile too

chickensfallBTAs I was working on my new leather pouches today I noticed that our chickens seem to enjoy the fall leaves too:-) blue leather pouchgreen leather pouch

Fall Sunset and adventures in leather…

sunset at BaleandTwineCaptured these crazy sunset pics last night. I did not tweak the colors from the camera so they are rather intense. sunset at BaleandTwinesunset at BaleandTwineHere are some new leather accessories that I have been working on. bowl BTbowtiecuffBTpiggy

Gift Ideas – cool decor and accessories

The Holidays are Coming!!!! Here are some of my latest products for the season! Couldn’t wait to share them with you all! fallproduct baleandtwineI have been experimenting with concrete too. Still loving the leather and having a blast designing with it as you can see:-)

Unchain My Heart – adventures in leather

Are words needed here:-) Catchy title to lure you in to admire my newest leather pieces:-) unchainmyheart

bow tie clutch — happy october!

Yeah, that’s right, it is October already!!! The time is flying by and the cool weather approaches. Today I created this sweet leather clutch using my bow tie wood block for inspiration:-) bowtieclutchbtleatherbow2btsm

Oh sweet red!

Oh sweet red! Here is today’s creation from the sewing room. Using more of the fabric from the nice folks at Taylor Made Custom Products! I added glass bead details, ribbon, a cute bow and multiple pockets for a fun, elegant look. It is available for purchase at my Etsy Bale and Twine shop.

upcycling Spring…

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of visiting a local company called Taylor Made Custom Products. Innovators in the awning business since 1908, their current staff has been at it for over 33 years. The team there was hard at work sewing up awnings. I was very lucky to come away with some remnants to work with. There are not many scraps left as they tend to use up what they have. What a treat to see local production happening and then share in it myself:-) The elegant summer tote pictured above is my first project using these upcycled materials (a friend provided my with some amazing leather remnants). This tote is for sale on my Etsy Bale and Twine shop. The weather continues to make the outdoors bloom. Our blueberries and strawberries are coming. Spring marchs on…enjoy…

Delightful tote and cute pouch…

The sewing continues while I await supplies to make more Bath and Body treats!

DryLaterShopNow Tote and the I’mCute Pouch. Great for shopping, outings, even your Kindle has plenty of room.

Garden Party earrings…

The garden party continues with these beautiful earrings. You can find them at our store.

Leather & Opal…

Here is my latest mix of textures, leather, opal and mookaite. Reminds me of summer, on the dock.

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