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Unchain My Heart – adventures in leather

Are words needed here:-) Catchy title to lure you in to admire my newest leather pieces:-) unchainmyheart

hearts, hearts and more hearts…

My cold still has me indoors so I am moving around a bit slower this week. I decided to work on soldering and came up with two fun projects. Etsy is covered in hearts to lure all you happy valentines in:-) So I have added my two happy hearts:-) happyhearts1chappyhearts1BTThese two whimsical hearts dangle from chain with a really cute swarovski star attached. Fired up after creating these, I decided on my new challenge. One of my friends has been asking me to create initial jewelry (wanting to have her kids’ initials on a bracelet or other piece of wearable art). Since I have not been doing much of the silver clay work recently (material prices are crazy), I have been trying to come up with a fun design for her. It was so much fun to work on. See photos here. initialsBT1Guess I should make one for me with my kids’ initials:-) For all you Valentine’s Day shoppers, I have lots of fun products, perfect for spoiling your Valentine. initialsBT1abaleandtwine on etsyTreat your sweet one with the gift of handmade! Great for men and women.
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Delightful tote and cute pouch…

The sewing continues while I await supplies to make more Bath and Body treats!

DryLaterShopNow Tote and the I’mCute Pouch. Great for shopping, outings, even your Kindle has plenty of room.

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