Eco Glass Bells – listen to them ring

Introducing my eco Glass Bells! You can listen them ring on my Bale and Twine YouTube channellargebellBTglassbellsmBT I created these using recycled glass, leather and brass. Happy Holidays!

Catch the light…

Soap Dish and Soap SetI love color! So I decided to experiment with some new fun ideas for unique soap dishes. Plus they also make great props for photographing my soaps:-) White Soap DishRound Soap Dish and Soap SetDecorative TileThese delights are available for purchase at my Etsy Shop. There were more of them but the family ran away with them:-)

10% OFF Candles and Jewelry…more colorful gem delights

Hi all, the holidays are here, hope you have found some handmade treats to share. Between wrapping and shipping I took some time out to play with color. Here are the delightful treats I created…


Beaded desire…

Who doesn’t love color in the summer time? These handmade beaded treasures are sure to strike your fancy. The pendant started out as an earring when I realized what a gorgeous summer pendant it would make. I know I am mesmerized, I could barely contain myself in my rush to get them on line to share with you… purchase them here…enjoy.

Make bread with your kids…

Yesterday was one of those wonderful days when you realize that your kids are happy just being next to you. Forget the fancy toys, computer games, tv, etc… sometimes kids do just like to hang out with you.

How did we spend that time? Well, I forgot to buy bread for the school lunch the next day so I decided what better project than to make bread, a team building experience for sure… My great Aunt used to make 6 loaves at a time, such a lost art.

So like many generations before us, we pulled up our sleeves and got to work kneading. Who needs the gym with that kind of arm workout? While the bread was rising, we decided to dive into souffle making, the chickens won’t stop laying so we have way too many eggs:-) What a fun pre-dinner exercise.

Enjoy our photos below- the kids had fun taking pics along the way…The earrings are in there just because I can’t stop making them:-)

We found this great recipe on the site, we made the Country White bread. There are many more recipes to try there so be sure to visit their site. I really want to try out some of the flat bread recipes, they look delicious, of course the Brown Sugar Cinnamon Buns look great too (they have to be so much better than those ready made ones you get in the supermarket).

Our experience: We had only one slight mishap, I turned off the oven when I took out the souffle, so the bread went in  and sat for 20min in a cooling oven. Did not seem to hurt it at all. I simply turned the oven back on and the baking continued:-) What a delicious sight those loaves were this morning, it is only 3pm and we’ve finished one already…YUM


Monday’s eye candy…earrings

Between soap batches today, two sets of earrings kept the creative juices flowing. Black Shimmer and Pink Dream are Monday’s eye candy, you can find them in our store.

Garden Party earrings…

The garden party continues with these beautiful earrings. You can find them at our store.

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