Winter Ceramics

winterceramics baleandtwineWhat a delight to open the kiln and see these:-). This collection is all about the hand painted look, almost a watercolor feel. I created the different pieces as sets. They are available for purchase on my etsy shop.


Ceramic Season

Here are some new ceramic pieces. ceramic cup from Bale and TwinemugLeaf Vase from Bale and TwineLeaf Vase Bale and TwineUtensil Holder Bale and Twinebowl Bale and Twinebowl Bale and TwineTealight Bowl. Bale and TwineHave been trying out new shapes and glazes. candle holder baleandtwinetealight holder bale and twine

ceramic time at Bale and Twine

ceramics by Bale and TwineIntroducing ceramics by Bale and Twine. A new adventure into the land of handmade! These are some pieces now available on my Etsy shop.

Snow and roses

snowEnjoyed our brief snowfall yesterday. Inspired some fun new rose bud earrings. rosebudsBTsnowdogsnowtreesNow off to start the oven and get baking. YUMMY!

Eco Glass Bells – listen to them ring

Introducing my eco Glass Bells! You can listen them ring on my Bale and Twine YouTube channellargebellBTglassbellsmBT I created these using recycled glass, leather and brass. Happy Holidays!

it’s Friday again…

grapefruitsoapWhy is it that when November hits, time just seems to ZOOOOOOM by? I have made some new soap, two deliciously fresh scents, a grapefruit blend and a lavender blend. lavsoapTo the grapefruit I added some apricot seed powder for a light scrub and to the lavender I added some shredded loofah. lavheartsBoth smell like something out of the garden, can’t wait to try them out. Blue Bird from Bale and TwineBlue Bird from Bale and TwineBlue Bird from Bale and TwineI also worked on a blue bird watercolor painting yesterday. Pictured here is the print. I am trying to come up with some new artwork to apply to fabrics etc… I couldn’t resist printing some smaller prints of the painting. Turned out that the brochure paper, 180g matte, worked best on my hp printer. I was able to achieve a nice color match.

Fall Sunset and adventures in leather…

sunset at BaleandTwineCaptured these crazy sunset pics last night. I did not tweak the colors from the camera so they are rather intense. sunset at BaleandTwinesunset at BaleandTwineHere are some new leather accessories that I have been working on. bowl BTbowtiecuffBTpiggy

bow ties on tees…

How cute are these? Back to the wood shop ~ I went to play this morning:-) Experimenting with more cute out shapes. These I just had to do. babybow5whitebow2graybow

Catch the light…

Soap Dish and Soap SetI love color! So I decided to experiment with some new fun ideas for unique soap dishes. Plus they also make great props for photographing my soaps:-) White Soap DishRound Soap Dish and Soap SetDecorative TileThese delights are available for purchase at my Etsy Shop. There were more of them but the family ran away with them:-)

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