SALE at Bale and Twine, happy shopping!

Hello friends! 15% with $30 purchase this week at Bale and Twine on Etsy and Amazon Handmade. Thanks to all and happy shopping!

Pottery for Ice Cold Beverages

The warmer weather is here, time to settle back on your patio with a nice cold drink. New to my handmade pottery line are cheery pitchers and great spoon rests.

Handmade Pottery Out in the garden the plants are flourishing, peonies are gorgeous as always! peonys in the garden

fall colors and adventures in concrete

captured these pics this morning…fallred trees in frostorange treelove the way the sun catches that one tree and makes it glow like gold. Yes- that is frost again under the crabapple trees. Have to admire the fall color while it lasts, the wind keeps blowing all the leaves off. Hopefully we’ll have loads of snow this year to hide the gray:-) Today I added some concrete goodies to my etsy shop. I like the industrial look on the concrete, almost graffiti like. concrete votive holder red stoneBTredroosterBTsnowornBTconcretevotiveBT

Gift Ideas – cool decor and accessories

The Holidays are Coming!!!! Here are some of my latest products for the season! Couldn’t wait to share them with you all! fallproduct baleandtwineI have been experimenting with concrete too. Still loving the leather and having a blast designing with it as you can see:-)

hearts, hearts and more hearts…

My cold still has me indoors so I am moving around a bit slower this week. I decided to work on soldering and came up with two fun projects. Etsy is covered in hearts to lure all you happy valentines in:-) So I have added my two happy hearts:-) happyhearts1chappyhearts1BTThese two whimsical hearts dangle from chain with a really cute swarovski star attached. Fired up after creating these, I decided on my new challenge. One of my friends has been asking me to create initial jewelry (wanting to have her kids’ initials on a bracelet or other piece of wearable art). Since I have not been doing much of the silver clay work recently (material prices are crazy), I have been trying to come up with a fun design for her. It was so much fun to work on. See photos here. initialsBT1Guess I should make one for me with my kids’ initials:-) For all you Valentine’s Day shoppers, I have lots of fun products, perfect for spoiling your Valentine. initialsBT1abaleandtwine on etsyTreat your sweet one with the gift of handmade! Great for men and women.
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winter treats! spoil your valentine!

amberdawnBTdawnBTTotally forgot to post about the new solid perfume made with mango butter! Had a gorgeous sunrise the other morning and it set of a day of product making inspiration! So far all my lovely sampler friends have given me the thumbs up:-) YEAH! Oh, and I have a new handmade lip balm too- this time with Shea Butter. Geez, not sure where my tired brain has been lately. New soy blend candles are made too! Scents such as Peppermint Eucalyptus, Amber Dune, Chocolate Fudge and Romance in the Garden! candlesBT2013These are new great products!!! Available now! lipbalm2013BTtintedlipbalmBT2013

barefeet meet Amazing Whipped Body Butter

Another busy morning prepping last minute gifts. I made a new round of soy candles that I have named Amber Dune! An enticing aroma of amber, vanilla and a hint of apple, for a very smooth scent! Also on the agenda this morning was more whipped body butter made with shea butter. I always like to mix up the recipe. Today’s batch is created with Lavender, Peppermint, Clary Sage, Cedarwood, Rosemary and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils. A wee bit softer than the last batch so it melts down a bit faster with amazing results! I debated about showing you how it works- so here goes- my lovely heel is the subject of this photo shoot;-) Even a body butter maker sometimes doesn’t always have the time to properly look after her heels:-) Well- they are looking loved now! Whipped Body Butter from Bale and Twinefeet from Bale and TwineBale and TwineSoy Candle from Bale and Twine

finding something wonderful on etsy…

Fall is here and all of my fellow Etsy crafters are busy working hard to prepare for the busy Holiday season. An amazing way to explore Etsy is to curate an Etsy treasury list. It is lots of fun, rather like window shopping. I choose a mood, color, or theme and search from there to create the list. Here is a link my treasury finds. I love this one, decorĀ  ideas for a Halloween party. We have just pulled out our decoration box and the kids are running around in costumes:-) Just love Halloween!

I have also learned that it is a great way to learn more about how to present your own shop. I have just spent time reshooting photos and revamping keywords on my product listings. It was a gorgeous fall day here today, perfect for picture taking.

Will be participating in the Arkell Museum Holiday Craft Show again this year, Dec. 8th 11-4pm. It is a lovely show, delightful artists, a bake sale, pianist and a Christmas tree. What better to get you in the Holiday spirit and help with your Holiday shopping!

I’ve been busy repackaging the animal shaped soaps with new labels and gift boxes. My whipped body butter package is next (just waiting on the jar shipment).

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