SALE at Bale and Twine, happy shopping!

Hello friends! 15% with $30 purchase this week at Bale and Twine on Etsy and Amazon Handmade. Thanks to all and happy shopping!

chickens like to play in that leaf pile too

chickensfallBTAs I was working on my new leather pouches today I noticed that our chickens seem to enjoy the fall leaves too:-) blue leather pouchgreen leather pouch

Printed Accessories… Delightful Handkerchiefs

Yeah! Fabric is in and I am very happy with it. I have been working with some of my watercolor pictures and some vegetable photos to create fabric. Here are some pictures. I decided to print them in square patterns for the first go around so I could sew up some delightful handkerchiefs. Love using them for a bit of color, on a bag, around your neck, in your hair, or just have out. I sewed up two this evening, the fig is for sale on my Etsy shop. scarf4fig2 BThandkerchiefBThandkerchief flowerBThandkerchiefBTFig BTFigBTflowercloseupBTsilkBTcloseup

hearts, hearts and more hearts…

My cold still has me indoors so I am moving around a bit slower this week. I decided to work on soldering and came up with two fun projects. Etsy is covered in hearts to lure all you happy valentines in:-) So I have added my two happy hearts:-) happyhearts1chappyhearts1BTThese two whimsical hearts dangle from chain with a really cute swarovski star attached. Fired up after creating these, I decided on my new challenge. One of my friends has been asking me to create initial jewelry (wanting to have her kids’ initials on a bracelet or other piece of wearable art). Since I have not been doing much of the silver clay work recently (material prices are crazy), I have been trying to come up with a fun design for her. It was so much fun to work on. See photos here. initialsBT1Guess I should make one for me with my kids’ initials:-) For all you Valentine’s Day shoppers, I have lots of fun products, perfect for spoiling your Valentine. initialsBT1abaleandtwine on etsyTreat your sweet one with the gift of handmade! Great for men and women.
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barefeet meet Amazing Whipped Body Butter

Another busy morning prepping last minute gifts. I made a new round of soy candles that I have named Amber Dune! An enticing aroma of amber, vanilla and a hint of apple, for a very smooth scent! Also on the agenda this morning was more whipped body butter made with shea butter. I always like to mix up the recipe. Today’s batch is created with Lavender, Peppermint, Clary Sage, Cedarwood, Rosemary and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils. A wee bit softer than the last batch so it melts down a bit faster with amazing results! I debated about showing you how it works- so here goes- my lovely heel is the subject of this photo shoot;-) Even a body butter maker sometimes doesn’t always have the time to properly look after her heels:-) Well- they are looking loved now! Whipped Body Butter from Bale and Twinefeet from Bale and TwineBale and TwineSoy Candle from Bale and Twine

Hello Mr. Biggles…Love!

Introducing my two new hand painted summer totes:-) These are available for purchase online at my Bale and Twine Etsy Shop.

Cute new items for Mother’s Day!!! and soap for you Outdoors types!

Happy Spring Day! More like a summer’s day today, up in the 80’s. Check out our new gorgeous Natural Lotion Bar shapes (just in time for Mother’s Day). Also in store we have new soaps: Unscented with ground luffa, Happy Lemon Goat’s Milk soap with Shea Butter and Spring Fresh! You can find these at our shop. Soap bars are available and fun shaped soaps too!

Flowers are loving the heat today as they burst wide open.

Made an amazing Soap for all you outdoors types. It is loaded with goodies! Blueberry seeds for scrubbing, french green clay to smooth, grapefruit, lemongrass, clary sage, bergamot, eucalyptus and thyme essential oils with hints of balsam peru, cedarwood, coriander seed, fir needle, lavender and black pepper essential oils. Have some fun new molds it is in too – but you’ll have to wait to see them out of the mold:-)

Happy Spring Scents – new candles…

Yummy new candles for spring! Yes, that is our divine Chocolate Fudge soy candle pictured above, tease your friends and family into thinking you’ve been baking. Also available for Spring, our new Gardenia, Grapefruit Whisper, Violet Rose and Vanilla Lavender.  Visit our store to see…

Chicken print totes…

Sometimes you just have to explore an idea:-) Here is my latest night time project:-)

Handmade totes with a chicken print from a watercolor I did of one of our chickens. If you have to have them, you can always email me at to inquire about pricing and availability.

Wishing you all Happy Shopping- the sale continues this wk on our soy candles and jewelry.

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