How does your garden grow?

Lavender DreamOrange RushBale and Twine Home GoodsWe have been getting some great growing weather lately, a mix of rainy days and sunny ones. It is fun to see the baby pears and apples coming along. Our hibiscus is ready to bloom and the mint and lavender are thriving. I have some new soap in the shop; an amazing zesty one I call Orange Rush and a lovely one called Lavender Dream. Also joining the shop are some of my new pottery pieces.

jogging chickens

Our chickens have free range of the place and they make use of it. They are out all day exploring. They tend to jog whenever crossing a clearing, trying to avoid being picked off from above. It is pretty funny to watch. jogging chickensEarlier this week it was quite chilly, perfect weather for cheesy mash potatoes. So I went out to the garden and dug up some:-) potatoeseggs

A snappy guest…

Today as we headed out we came across a rather snappy guest! snapping turtleWondered what the dogs were barking at:-) Had a busy weekend working in the garden. Lots of yummy things growing. This year we are hoping to have peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, zuccs, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, pumpkins, watermelons, cantaloupes, lettuce, arugula, kale, onionscabbagepeppers raspberries, strawberries, cherries, pears and apples. Will be a busy harvest this year! Always interesting to see what makes it each year.

getting under those fingernails- cold process soap

You know, I forgot to mention in my last post how we all cleaned up from our gardening weekend! I only mention it because it is not often that you get great compliments from your own family:-) Citrus Lime SoapOrange SoapThese lovely cold process soaps are made with rich ingredients, loads of essential oils and amazing natural scrubbers (blueberry seeds and apricot seed powder). Say bye bye to dirty fingernails! A great find for busy Moms with kids who like to play outside! Now you know they’ll be clean and smell nice too:-)

taking back your garden…

garden at bale and twineHad a break in the sunny weather this weekend and decided to tackle the garden and the WEEDS! Much easier to weed when the soil is damp and the air is cool. It is the much dreaded task of spring before planting. We try to do as much as we can in fall to prep but there is always work to do come spring. gardening baleandtwineAs you can see we had some supervisors, one layabout, one weed controller and three bystanders. floral baleandtwineThis year we are trying out grass clippings as mulch to keep the weeds down. So we raked and raked and raked. Then we went out into the field and looked like real city folk by raking some more. It felt a bit odd. fieldgrass baleandtwineWho cares, as long as it works, even just a bit. Weeds are not fun come summer when it is hot and buggy out. flocks baleandtwinecrabapple baleandtwinecrabaWhen the sun did shine through it was a delight and made everything sparkle. All in all a good outdoor working weekend. Now we are ready to plant! Oh yeah, and rest our achy muscles:-)

I take a lot of pictures

A dear friend of mine just made me aware that I do seem to take a lot of photos. Not just for my product shots but I like to have my camera with me on my walks outside. Half of my blog is usually me sharing pictures. Sometimes I like to share pictures of fun recipes we have cooked up. Mostly I love to take close up pics of nature, frost, flowers, rocks etc… Anyway, this lead me to explore a site called Society6. They feature the work of many artists and turn it into useable products! So of course, always open to new things, I joined!! Today! Members of the site help promote work that they like. I believe that you have to gain a few hearts before your work is featured in their general shop. So now off to see how to promote the new shop:-)
Here is a snap shot of the store front. society6

chicken rockettes style…

As promised an updated pic of our sweet ladies:-) They have style! ladiesBTazaleaIt is a glorious week here, temps in the 70s and the plants and animals are loving it.

Farmers Market Style! Introducing Pepper Man and Tomato Man!

Grocery Tote from Bale and TwineSummer is coming! I have been working on my Pepper Man and Tomato Man graphics in preparation for the gardening season:-) I created these fun veggie images with produce from our garden!

Today I created a fun summer tote, perfect to take with you to the farmer’s market, grocery store or where ever your travels take you! Would make a great gift for anyone who loves the outdoors, gardening, of course veggies! I am wearing my Tomato Man tee! eatlocalpeppermanBT

The tote’s front pocket features my original Pepper Man artwork! I am also working on printed greeting cards and handkerchiefs and of course tees! Tomatoes Handkerchief Vegetables. Greeting Cards.The bottom image features my original Rock Man artwork. It all started with him! Rock ManBT

it’s HOT – pizza dough on the BBQ

Yikes! Too hot for the oven yesterday! What to do with the bag of pizza dough waiting in the fridge. I believe a BBQ can be rather like an oven:-) So once the chicken was almost finished on the grill I made some room for the dough. Of course I should have pulled the dough out of the fridge early so it would have time to rise and get comfy. But… I did not remember to, so I stretched out the cool dough and lathered it up with lots of olive oil (not sure if it would stick to the grill). I then added some freshly grated parmesan cheese to one side and threw the lot on the bbq. I usually add rosemary but skipped it this time. I started the dough right on the grill and then realized it was a bit hot so I moved it up to the shelf. Much better idea! I am sure you could add all sorts of yummy toppings, but it was quite delicious just the way it turned out. I paired it with sliced grilled chicken and a fresh salad! The best part- the house stayed a wee bit cooler (good thing when you don’t have ac)!

The garden is coming along, slow but sure. Happily the blueberries are starting to ripen – now it is us against the birds for first dibs;-)


yum, strawberries… it was me against the mosquitos this morning, just had to pick some fresh berries, quickly:-)

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