Create a pause…Handmade Bowls

Using a handmade bowl adds a personal touch to your table setting. It creates a pause in your fast paced life, moment to appreciate the time taken to create such a piece. We are all rushing around these days and sometimes it is nice to just stop and take in the beauty of handmade. 


it’s Friday again…

grapefruitsoapWhy is it that when November hits, time just seems to ZOOOOOOM by? I have made some new soap, two deliciously fresh scents, a grapefruit blend and a lavender blend. lavsoapTo the grapefruit I added some apricot seed powder for a light scrub and to the lavender I added some shredded loofah. lavheartsBoth smell like something out of the garden, can’t wait to try them out. Blue Bird from Bale and TwineBlue Bird from Bale and TwineBlue Bird from Bale and TwineI also worked on a blue bird watercolor painting yesterday. Pictured here is the print. I am trying to come up with some new artwork to apply to fabrics etc… I couldn’t resist printing some smaller prints of the painting. Turned out that the brochure paper, 180g matte, worked best on my hp printer. I was able to achieve a nice color match.

bow ties on tees…

How cute are these? Back to the wood shop ~ I went to play this morning:-) Experimenting with more cute out shapes. These I just had to do. babybow5whitebow2graybow

What to do when it rains…

peonybloomingblogRaining again! The chickens still have to be fed so pull on your muck boots and get out there:-) Grab a camera and have some fun! I love capturing the Peonys in the rain. It is such a treat when they start to bloom. The rain drops just seem to add to their delicate beauty. I just can’t help staring at the blooms. The endless petals are like a gorgeous dress with tons of soft billowing layers. Block Printing by Bale and Twine rainpeony3blog rain peony2blog blockprinting Yesterday, I took advantage of the rainy day and worked in our wood shop. I created some wooden blocks to do some fabric block printing. Here are some photos of the pieces I have made so far. grayteeI wanted the style of the designs to be different from the one I am using on my Spoonflower fabric designs. With the block printing I want the texture of the wood block to come through and give the fabric a unique look.

Farmers Market Style! Introducing Pepper Man and Tomato Man!

Grocery Tote from Bale and TwineSummer is coming! I have been working on my Pepper Man and Tomato Man graphics in preparation for the gardening season:-) I created these fun veggie images with produce from our garden!

Today I created a fun summer tote, perfect to take with you to the farmer’s market, grocery store or where ever your travels take you! Would make a great gift for anyone who loves the outdoors, gardening, of course veggies! I am wearing my Tomato Man tee! eatlocalpeppermanBT

The tote’s front pocket features my original Pepper Man artwork! I am also working on printed greeting cards and handkerchiefs and of course tees! Tomatoes Handkerchief Vegetables. Greeting Cards.The bottom image features my original Rock Man artwork. It all started with him! Rock ManBT

Printed Accessories… Delightful Handkerchiefs

Yeah! Fabric is in and I am very happy with it. I have been working with some of my watercolor pictures and some vegetable photos to create fabric. Here are some pictures. I decided to print them in square patterns for the first go around so I could sew up some delightful handkerchiefs. Love using them for a bit of color, on a bag, around your neck, in your hair, or just have out. I sewed up two this evening, the fig is for sale on my Etsy shop. scarf4fig2 BThandkerchiefBThandkerchief flowerBThandkerchiefBTFig BTFigBTflowercloseupBTsilkBTcloseup

from 80 to snow and have you explored Luulla yet?

Wow, from 80 degrees last week to snow this morning. Brr… guess we had better pull out the coats again!

Hey, have you checked out the delightful shopping site Luulla? It features amazing handmade gifts, art, supplies and vintage goods. The team at Luulla have created a wonderful, global community for crafters and lovers of all things handmade. The name Luulla is Finnish, meaning to imagine and to believe. What a great name! I was delighted to be invited to join the amazing artists on Luulla. It has been so much fun to explore the shops there too. So be sure to stop by and do a little shopping:-)

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