Delightful Light earrings…

Gorgeous day today, inspired some gorgeous 14K gold filled earrings with amethyst beads and swarovski crystals… enjoy… these are available for purchase at our online store.


Beaded desire…

Who doesn’t love color in the summer time? These handmade beaded treasures are sure to strike your fancy. The pendant started out as an earring when I realized what a gorgeous summer pendant it would make. I know I am mesmerized, I could barely contain myself in my rush to get them on line to share with you… purchase them here…enjoy.

Garden Party earrings…

The garden party continues with these beautiful earrings. You can find them at our store.

A week in review… garden dreams & lilac soap

This has been a week of garden dreams for me. After a gorgeous weekend, we were destined for more days of snow and cold. Never mind, the little sprouts that are coming up inspired me to create our Gardener’s Dream soap, followed by our sweet Lilac Breeze soap.

The thoughts of warmer weather carried into the jewelry this week too, fine silver pendants, Ahoy (dreams of the water), Blooming Rose and Sweet Flower (dreams of the garden).

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