Welcome… We are thrilled that you have discovered us.

Bale & Twine™, handmade for Body and Home.

There is great joy in making and giving something handmade. Bale and Twine, the purveyor of festive ceramics and gifts, celebrates this belief through design, quality and great customer service. I strive to make beautiful products with a touch of whimsy and cheer. A life of travel, adventure and design led me to create Bale and Twine. Trained as an industrial designer at Pratt Institute in New York, I then worked in merchandising and store design. It was both an amazing and challenging experience. After moving to the countryside, I now enjoy exploring new mediums and learning the art of handmade. It is a rewarding and humbling process.

My ceramic work is designed and created at my studio. Depending on the piece, I might start with a sketch and move into a paper form before tackling the clay. I also work directly on the pottery wheel or roll it out on the table. Lately, I have been experimenting with adding hand formed elements to my work. After a period of drying it is time to bisque fire. Glazing follows and is always interesting and unique to each piece. My work is then fired in my kiln. Photography and presentation are key to presenting the products the right way. Creating something by hand gives you a great appreciation for little details in life. Inspiration is all around us.

Our handmade body care products are made right here at Bale and Twine. We use only top quality ingredients in our products and keep them as natural as possible. Every product is handmade with care and thoughtfully packaged.

Bale & Twine™ is dedicated to the artistry of limited edition handcrafted goods.


enjoy…  Suzanne, founder of Bale & Twine


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