holiday shopping handmade

Lavender Gift Set - baleandtwineOrange SET - baleandtwineLavender Hearts - baleandtwinelemon heart - baleandtwineAbove are some of my new gift sets for my Bale and Twine Etsy Shop. I am busy creating sets for the upcoming Holiday season. I always love to have a beautiful handmade gift on hand ready to give. I have also opened a new shop on Etsy called bagandscarf to feature my handcrafted bags and scarves. As a designer who likes to make stuff, I have found it easier to showcase my work with several shops on Etsy. It keeps the shops more focused and easier to navigate through Etsy’s system. So here are my shops for you Holiday shoppers: baleandtwine (soaps, linens & home decor), bagandscarf (bags & scarves), cutegems (jewelry) and imornament (pillow covers). While out walking this weekend, we came across these gorgeous leaves. Just had to take a photo to share with you. What a crazy color/pattern! leavesfall


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