taking back your garden…

garden at bale and twineHad a break in the sunny weather this weekend and decided to tackle the garden and the WEEDS! Much easier to weed when the soil is damp and the air is cool. It is the much dreaded task of spring before planting. We try to do as much as we can in fall to prep but there is always work to do come spring. gardening baleandtwineAs you can see we had some supervisors, one layabout, one weed controller and three bystanders. floral baleandtwineThis year we are trying out grass clippings as mulch to keep the weeds down. So we raked and raked and raked. Then we went out into the field and looked like real city folk by raking some more. It felt a bit odd. fieldgrass baleandtwineWho cares, as long as it works, even just a bit. Weeds are not fun come summer when it is hot and buggy out. flocks baleandtwinecrabapple baleandtwinecrabaWhen the sun did shine through it was a delight and made everything sparkle. All in all a good outdoor working weekend. Now we are ready to plant! Oh yeah, and rest our achy muscles:-)


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