exploring copper and enamel

ice-8 to 50, lovely winter really:-) No wonder everyone has the sniffles! Anyway makes for some cool photos and crazy different snow textures everyday. Some days the snow is so fluffy and powdery, then it is heavy and wet and today it is topped with ice for a cool crisp coating! The patterns of the ice on the window above are crazy- only nature can create that;-) soapjan2013BT

Here is a photo of the Amber Dusk with oatmeal soap and Bright Lavender Pep soap made last week. The lavender soap was made with cocoa butter and has a crazy creamy texture right now- will see how it hardens up as it cures. dipped1BTcopper1bBTcopper1aBTWhat next? Well, I have been exploring the world of torch fired enamel copper jewelry. Has such an ancient feel to it with the warm copper coloring and fun enamels. Off to prep yet another hot cup of honey and lemon tea:-) sniff!


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