Ouchy, cracked heels say bye bye! Whipped body butter is back…

Happy times are here again! It is the season of whipped body butter. Imagine an amazing butter treat for your skin that melts on contact and sinks in for a delicious sheen. I use rich shea butter, rice bran oil and lavish essential oils to create this whipped sensation. Last season I made a quick video to demo how this product works, you can see that I have updated the packaging and container this season:-). See it here. I have shared this delight with many friends who just love the results. Ouchy, cracked heels say bye bye! I even use this on my face. A little bit goes a long way and it is perfect for after the shower or bath.     I have also updated the packaging for my “Rub Me” Natural Lotion Bars. They now come in a great little travel tin. I love this, so you can pop one in your bag and always have on the ready. I can not tell you how many times I have left the house and then noticed how dry my hands were. Solved, grab one of these, (a sweet heart shape or the cute frog shape), and your skin is happy again:-)


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