finding something wonderful on etsy…

Fall is here and all of my fellow Etsy crafters are busy working hard to prepare for the busy Holiday season. An amazing way to explore Etsy is to curate an Etsy treasury list. It is lots of fun, rather like window shopping. I choose a mood, color, or theme and search from there to create the list. Here is a link my treasury finds. I love this one, decor  ideas for a Halloween party. We have just pulled out our decoration box and the kids are running around in costumes:-) Just love Halloween!

I have also learned that it is a great way to learn more about how to present your own shop. I have just spent time reshooting photos and revamping keywords on my product listings. It was a gorgeous fall day here today, perfect for picture taking.

Will be participating in the Arkell Museum Holiday Craft Show again this year, Dec. 8th 11-4pm. It is a lovely show, delightful artists, a bake sale, pianist and a Christmas tree. What better to get you in the Holiday spirit and help with your Holiday shopping!

I’ve been busy repackaging the animal shaped soaps with new labels and gift boxes. My whipped body butter package is next (just waiting on the jar shipment).


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