it’s HOT – pizza dough on the BBQ

Yikes! Too hot for the oven yesterday! What to do with the bag of pizza dough waiting in the fridge. I believe a BBQ can be rather like an oven:-) So once the chicken was almost finished on the grill I made some room for the dough. Of course I should have pulled the dough out of the fridge early so it would have time to rise and get comfy. But… I did not remember to, so I stretched out the cool dough and lathered it up with lots of olive oil (not sure if it would stick to the grill). I then added some freshly gratedĀ parmesan cheese to one side and threw the lot on the bbq. I usually add rosemary but skipped it this time. I started the dough right on the grill and then realized it was a bit hot so I moved it up to the shelf. Much better idea! I am sure you could add all sorts of yummy toppings, but it was quite delicious just the way it turned out. I paired it with sliced grilled chicken and a fresh salad! The best part- the house stayed a wee bit cooler (good thing when you don’t have ac)!

The garden is coming along, slow but sure. Happily the blueberries are starting to ripen – now it is us against the birds for first dibs;-)


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