Not sure why I didn’t realize this before but as a kind blogger (seen today on the freshly pressed blogs at wordpress) pointed out “stressed is desserts spelled backwards”. LOVE that:-)

Anyway- wanted to share with you the delightful new soaps from my new molds. The turtle and the dog are the new ones:-) I cut the soap bars into nice big chunks this time. This will be a great soap for you gardeners when it comes time to clean up after a hard day of work. It is curing now and will be available to ship in May. I was all set to make some candles with my new scents but then sadly discovered that the box I thought had empty candle jars in it was just an empty box. The good news is that candles sold but now I have to be patient before trying out the new scents:-) No fear if you are looking for a candle. I have some great spring scents available at the shop. Scents like Gardenia, Vanilla Lavender, Violet Rose, Blueberry Cobbler, Fig Tree and more…


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