beaded color and more soap in the wings…

As you may know I love color, every since childhood when I would use every color in my drawings. I was always jealous of my brothers’ very neat and monochromatic coloring pages. I just can not contain myself to one range, rather like my restless exploration into all things handmade. So lately I have been dying to take my jewelry beads and make something that bursts off the page:-) *see pics below- click here to purchase! These delights are part of our new charitable sun drama venture! So feel good about your purchase!

Don’t worry, soap production has not come to a complete halt. I have plenty of soap ideas in the wings, just waiting for a little reno job to be completed so I can don the soap making apron again. I am craving another super yummy Orange Peppermint exfoliating bar and my dear friends, The Jones, have generously given me more goats milk. So I have lots to work with!


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