body butter review…

I couldn’t wait to test the body butter that I made yesterday. I decided to use it after the shower. A little bit goes a long way. The butter melts as soon as it hits the skin, quite a different texture than your normal cream or lotion. It feels a bit like a body oil at first but then absorbs quickly leaving a silky finish. I tried it all over and even on my face and ends of hair.  Skin feels softer and has that soft sheen that I was hoping for. This might be a great answer to those dry heels we all sometimes get. A great pre-shave product,it felt amazing when I used the Hot Geranium bar for shaving. I guess the butter had prepped the skin.

I believe this will have to be stored in the fridge during the warm months. I stored my jar overnight in the fridge and was interested to see if it changed the texture. It still has a whipped feel and of course was cool to the touch. Below is a picture of the butter Day 2 fresh out of the fridge.

Now for a man’s opinion… applied over my hubby’s sunburned shoulders, elbows and knees. He said the skin feels soothed and smoothed:-) What more can you ask for!

Can’t wait to make more– of course I need to order some raw materials first, my recent soap making has used up most of my supplies.


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