Introducing le coq à laver…

As promised, here is the NEW shaped soap from Bale and Twine, le coq à laver! I introduced this super cute rooster and egg soap duo at the Sharon Springs Garden Party last weekend. He was quite a hit with the crowd. I couldn’t resist painting the sign to go with the set up. It was a lot of work getting ready for the show but lots of fun to see it turn into reality. My mind is already spinning with ideas for the Fall Harvest show. Granted most of the crowd was there to see the Beekman Boys but it was wonderful to share my adventure of Bale and Twine too. Even though it was an outdoor setup, many commented on how lovely it smelled under my tent (thank goodness, my neighbour let me borrow it). The weather was a mix of sun, wind and a few sprinkles so the tent was very needed.

The new soaps and le coq à laver are on the online store now… so enjoy taking a look…Here are some pics of the setup at the garden.


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