Sharon Springs

Met so many wonderful people today at the Garden Party at Sharon Springs. Thank to all who stopped by to chat and discover Bale and Twine.
We were right next to our friends the Jones with their incredible goat’s cheeses and meats. Wow, talk about yummy food conversations I got to eavesdrop in on.
We’ll be back tomorrow 9-5 so stop by and enjoy a great day exploring Sharon Springs.


2 thoughts on “Sharon Springs

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  1. Enjoyed meeting you on Sunday…and am loving your soaps!
    I also just love seeing the chicken & egg sitting there in the kitchen window…not sure if I’ll ever use the chicken…it’s just too sweet!
    The quality, scent, texture, suds…it’s all so heavenly & luxurious!
    Thank you for your obsession! 😉
    All the best,
    and needless to say I’ll be needing more soap!

    1. Hi Vicki,
      Thanks so much for your delightful comment. It is so nice to hear from you, glad you are enjoying the soap! I had a great time in Sharon Springs, looking forward to the Harvest Festival! Please tell your friends about Bale and Twine:-)

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