Prepping for Garden Party at Sharon Springs!

I have been busy having a great time prepping for the Garden Party show this weekend. Weather has been great and just love the theme, garden party- when everything is bursting into bloom here! First I had to decide what the perfect presentation would be for this festive event. I’ll take some photos when it is all set up, it is my biggest display yet!

Of course once the table arrangement is decided upon, there is the product placement and of course signage and wrap to think of. So it has been a busy few days here at Bale & Twine. Most of the soaps are labeled and packed. I have some amazing new soaps made just for this show, Ginger Tea, Gardenia with Shea, Bamboo with Shea, Citrus Lavender with Cocoa Butter, Green Lavender, Tranquil, Orange Pep, Floral Whisper and Sweet Embrace. There is also a brand new soap shape- I’ll tell you more about it later but here is a sneak peek at the prep work.


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