the power of soap…

I love discovering the power of homemade soap. I was never a big fan of homemade soaps until I started making my own. I realized that in making cold process soap, you can control the ingredients, texture and most importantly the scent. Having worked for years in the cosmetic industry, I of course have my favorite go to brands. My job now is to create beautiful products with ingredients that I can understand and scent that is appealing.

Today, after painting a new sign for the business, I decided to wash up with my soap. Usually I rinse the brush out in dish soap. First, I rinsed the brush and my hands, (I always seem to get paint on me), with water. I then tried two bars, Gardener’s Delight and Clean and Bare for the soap clean up part. They both worked really well, The olive oil bar was the fastest but the scrubbing action and scent from the other bar was great too. All in all, the freshest paint clean up ever! The paint brush looks new again and smells good too:-)

Here are some gorgeous blossoms from our beautiful crab apple trees.


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