Get that pine sap off…Clean & Bare 100% Olive Oil soap to the rescue…

Yes folks! Our Clean and Bare 100% olive oil soap works wonders for removing all traces of pine sap from your skin.
Today, we spent the afternoon cleaning up the fallen branches from the last ice/snow storm. The last branches to be picked up were the pine branches. I, of course, never remember to wear gloves for these tasks. I was surprised how soft the needles were and was doing a good job, at first, avoiding the sap. But as we hurried to finish up, I just started digging into the branches and got covered in pine sap.

My hands were covered with brown sticky stains. I usually end up using olive oil to remove the sap but this time I decided to try our Clean and Bare soap. It worked like a dream, no trace of the sap what-so-ever:-)

So don’t fear those pine branches any more…


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