dry hands…

You are in your car ready to go when you glance down at your hands. There are tiny dry cracks, that you only notice now that you finally have a chance to stop and focus for a moment. Of course there is no hand cream present and you are not about to get back out of the car to try and find some.

Then it dawns on me , I have my new soy blend lip balm sitting right beside me in my bag. I thoughtfully run down the simple list of ingredients, thinking it might do the trick. The lip balm feels super smooth on the lips, why on earth not share with my dry hands.

My  hands thank me, no greasy residue just pure comfort and I am on my way…

Since using my Baresuds™ soaps this winter, I have not experienced dry skin except on my hands occasionally after washing the dishes. What a change, no body lotion, one less step after the shower:-)


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