shampooing oh natural…

Caught up with the whole natural shampoo business, “sulfate free” makes me want to try natural shampoo. I decide to start with our gentle liquid soap for hands, body and hair. Shampooing without the chemical names you have no idea how to pronounce… sounds good. Let’s try…

If you use natural shampoo, I have read that you need to follow up occasionally with a vinegar and water rinse to remove any soap build up. OK, I can handle this. So for a few hair washes I use the SOAP as shampoo – it is thinner than shampoo but smells yummy as I have scented it with my own blend of essential oils. My hair feels softer and does not seem to need conditioner.

After a few hair washes I decide that it is time to try the vinegar rinse, my hair looks a bit flatter and a bit dull (this I believe is the soap build up). I rinse and everything is great, my hair is in fact rather fluffy. On a side note, I have also read that it takes your hair a while to adjust from regular shampoo to natural shampoo. A test of patience:-)

After a few weeks, I decide to experiment. I try regular shampoo again and immediately my hair stiffens while I am washing it, YIKES! I practically fall out of the shower diving for my SOAP. I wash my hair again with the SOAP and feel better. I then feel guilty for the double wash and decide to try a hot oil treatment. Being impatient, I use it lukewarm but it works and my hair is nice and smooth again.

I like the idea of natural shampoo and so will continue to experiment.

But enough about shampoo. Here I am worried that we are going to get too much snow and then upset because it is not snowing– and then I see this ice claw thing… kinda cool…


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