Evelyn’s Orange Velvet

This morning’s sky had a strange glow to it. Dark clouds on the horizon were lit up by the rising sun. As I glanced up, I noticed the tiniest of snowflakes drifting down. It stopped me in my tracks but not because of the fear of winter approaching too soon (well maybe) but simply the quiet serene beauty of it all. I just stood there smiling, remembering those winter days when the snow would fall quietly like a soft white blanket.

So inspiring was that moment, that I ran back inside, grabbed the shea butter and goat’s milk and dove into the essential oils. Today, deserved a super rich, creamy mellow soap with a soft citrus blend.

The Shea Butter is on the left, the middle photo shows the mold where I added rows of peppermint leaves, the photo on the right is the mold without the peppermint leaves.


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