The day we met Evelyn…

This weekend we had a real treat, we met Evelyn! Our amazing friends the Jones of the Jones Family Farm introduced us to one of their very special goats, Evelyn. Suzie Jones (pictured below) kindly offered to share some of Evelyn’s goat milk  for my soap making adventure. I was thrilled. Of course we had to have the ladies pose for some photos. The day was gorgeous and as you can see a bit windy. Be sure to check out the Jones Family Farm website. They make some incredible goat cheeses and much more.

I was so excited to try making the soap this morning. I was going to add Shea Butter but decided to hold back and let the goat milk speak for itself. I have heard wonderful things about goat milk in soap. I added an incredible blend of Vanilla Oleoresin, Bourbon Geranium and Black Pepper essential oils and sprinkled a few rose buds on one half . I took a sneak peek into the mold (see below at bottom) and I have to say it looks good enough to eat.

Here is Suzi Jones with her goat Evelyn.


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