it’s like a hug for your baregoods…

Now before you say WHAT!!! I’m talking about the new, upcoming, BareWrap for your BareGoods™ gems.

Taking a weekend trip and want to bring some of your jewelry. Wrap it and go. No more searching in the bottom of your bag, do you even remember which one you put the earrings in…

Half the time it is easier to just do without, after all who wants your toothpaste meeting your necklace under the lipsticks and whatever else you’ve brought with you??? Or perhaps you thought it was better to protect them in a ziplock – nothing more attractive than seeing all your gems tangled up together.

So- along comes a leftover trimming of  leather. Another man’s trimmings are too good to pass over, I say, let them live on as barewraps. Recycling these leather scraps means each will be completely unique, in different colors and varying textures. A personal wrap for your one of a kind baregoods™ pieces.

This is as cute as can be, measuring in at 7 x 4 inches, perfect to slip into your weekend fun.


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