oh sweet valentine

A super cute way to share some suds time with your special someone.valentine's day duo His and hers orange soaps wrapped in my love and kisses pattern and delivered in a very cute bird cage. I entered another fun contest on Spoonflower, this one called Chinese Paper Cutting. The work is in red and white. I decided to use my hope and joy rooster pattern as a base for the design, yes I know it is not the year of the rooster:-) It was a challenge but I do love the pattern that I have created. I like that it is modern and clean looking, perfect for printing on any one of Spoonflower’s media, (fabric, paper etc…) Here is the finished pattern. rooster hope and joythe rooster of hope and joy

Curious Nature

orangevanillaBTHere is my new Citrus Lux soap set out to cure. This bar has a fresh, warm enveloping aroma of orange and vanilla and seeds for scrubbing action. Smells good. greencitrusBTThe green clay bar which is olive oil with a hint of castor oil is still in the mold. It has a more woodsy citrus scent and should be quite silky to use. It needs a few more days before to set up before being cut. curious natureBTI have been trying to keep up with a bit of painting each week. My new pattern, Curious Nature, is created from a series of outdoor watercolors. I have ordered a test swatch of this on on Spoonflower’s twill fabric. Will take a pic when I get the order.

Having fun with Spoonflower

A big thank you to all my customers, friends & family for supporting my handmade adventures. Bale and Twine was able to give back through the following charities; Doctors without Borders, Invisible Children, Habitat for Humanity and World Vision. Many thanks!! Last year I began to explore pattern/textile design. I tried block printing, painting and creating designs to print through Spoonflower. I really enjoyed entering some of Spoonflower’s weekly contests and learning more about pattern design. splashSo when the new year came about, I decided to continue with some fun new patterns for Spring. I just received a sample of Spoonflower’s wall paper in my color splash design. Looks amazing! I am waiting for the fabric samples of my other designs to arrive. landkeemroseYou can click on the images and visit my shop on Spoonflower to see the patterns in more detail. Can’t wait to see the fabric samples. Worked on some new soaps today – hope to have pics to show tomorrow.

fabric ornaments and rainbows – tis the season…

bluebirdornamentBT1animalsBTbirdtagsBT1heelermorning2morning5morning6Shot these rainbow pics the morning after those nasty storms the other day. We were very lucky here and only had a brief encounter with the front in the middle of the night. Busy making ornaments for the shop.