Whimsical Color

2015 looks to be a year full of color and fun! Here are a few treats from the kiln this morning. brightceramics2015

Winter Ceramics

winterceramics baleandtwineWhat a delight to open the kiln and see these:-). This collection is all about the hand painted look, almost a watercolor feel. I created the different pieces as sets. They are available for purchase on my etsy shop.

Epic sledding sunset


Sweet treat after sledding. Nature does it best:-)

Hello 2015 – back to ceramics – playing around with color splashes

Hope everyone had a fab holiday! I am finally back to the pottery wheel, soap making and body butter creation! Here are the first samples of the new season, my color splash collection. Cereal Bowl. Bale and TwineLeaning Bowl. Bale and TwineSm Bowl. Bale and TwineThey have a bit of personality as you can see:-) New soap will be ready to ship soon. It is curing now. Smells great! Just made some new body butter for this wintery cold season. You can check it out here.

lemon scrub soap and ceramic flowers

lemon and blueberry soap

Just cut my new soap, a delightful lemon scrub soap. Looks great- will be ready in a few weeks as it needs to sit around and cure for a bit. Have been playing around with clay and trying out some shaped flowers. Not sure if they will make it in the kiln, it is hard enough to keep them in one piece as they dry now:-) pottery flowers clean whisper soap

Worked on some new soap packaging for the holidays.

Ceramic Season

Here are some new ceramic pieces. ceramic cup from Bale and TwinemugLeaf Vase from Bale and TwineLeaf Vase Bale and TwineUtensil Holder Bale and Twinebowl Bale and Twinebowl Bale and TwineTealight Bowl. Bale and TwineHave been trying out new shapes and glazes. candle holder baleandtwinetealight holder bale and twine

jogging chickens

Our chickens have free range of the place and they make use of it. They are out all day exploring. They tend to jog whenever crossing a clearing, trying to avoid being picked off from above. It is pretty funny to watch. jogging chickensEarlier this week it was quite chilly, perfect weather for cheesy mash potatoes. So I went out to the garden and dug up some:-) potatoeseggs

cuddle time- the amazing cat curve

cuddletime by Bale and TwineSometimes we all need a nap, some of us just do it better than the rest of us! Too cute for words- Lily is a perfect little ball of cuteness! dangle earringsHere are some earrings that I just added to my Etsy jewelry shop, jackgeorgestyle. Now back to nap time:-) Just kidding!!

wait… summer is leaving us…

garden at Bale and TwineBeing up north in NY state it is always sad to see summer leave so quickly. Fall is gorgeous of course but summer is just a blur of sunny activity. Our garden this year did pretty well after all.

cabbage at Bale and Twine
cabbage at Bale and Twine

Once the mosquitoes hit I sort of abandoned the garden, luckily that paid off. The peppers finally kicked in by September, we had loads of pumpkins and the sunflowers were taller than ever. sunflower at Bale and TwineTomatoes did well too, although I planted too many of the small red ones. I prefer the bigger ones- not that I am lazy:-)- but they are easier to chop up:-) broccoli at Bale and TwineOur broccoli exploded as you can see. I thought it would make a perfect wedding bouquet for those who love their greens:-) This one I gave to our neighbour who is a master gardener. I thought that she would appreciate it the most. red cabbage at Bale and TwineWell,I hope that your gardens worked out too. Don’t forget to dig up those potatoes- I just thought about it this morning. If you have any good tips for getting them out without cutting them in half with the shovel – please share. Soon it will be time to clean them all out and start again. Perhaps we can extend into an Indian summer this fall and not say goodbye to the warmth just yet.