fabric ornaments and rainbows – tis the season…

bluebirdornamentBT1animalsBTbirdtagsBT1heelermorning2morning5morning6Shot these rainbow pics the morning after those nasty storms the other day. We were very lucky here and only had a brief encounter with the front in the middle of the night. Busy making ornaments for the shop.

it’s Friday again…

grapefruitsoapWhy is it that when November hits, time just seems to ZOOOOOOM by? I have made some new soap, two deliciously fresh scents, a grapefruit blend and a lavender blend. lavsoapTo the grapefruit I added some apricot seed powder for a light scrub and to the lavender I added some shredded loofah. lavheartsBoth smell like something out of the garden, can’t wait to try them out. Blue Bird from Bale and TwineBlue Bird from Bale and TwineBlue Bird from Bale and TwineI also worked on a blue bird watercolor painting yesterday. Pictured here is the print. I am trying to come up with some new artwork to apply to fabrics etc… I couldn’t resist printing some smaller prints of the painting. Turned out that the brochure paper, 180g matte, worked best on my hp printer. I was able to achieve a nice color match.

Happy Halloween – I ran out of butter

halloweensunrisehalloweencheeriosHappy Halloween!!!!!!!!! See the lovely spooky sunrise we had this morning:-) So last night while prepping the kid’s snacks for school parties today, I ran out of butter!!! What horror for any baker- how can you be out of butter!!!!!!! I had just enough to make one batch of brownies (had to make a butterless glaze with an orange background and black spider). Then I rummaged through the pantry and remembered Mr. Chocolate’s (Jacques Torres) chocolate covered cereal treats. Love that man!! So pictured above are the chocolate covered cherrios in the fridge:-) So success all around for some happy kids! Now gotta run and get more butter………..

holiday shopping handmade

Lavender Gift Set - baleandtwineOrange SET - baleandtwineLavender Hearts - baleandtwinelemon heart - baleandtwineAbove are some of my new gift sets for my Bale and Twine Etsy Shop. I am busy creating sets for the upcoming Holiday season. I always love to have a beautiful handmade gift on hand ready to give. I have also opened a new shop on Etsy called bagandscarf to feature my handcrafted bags and scarves. As a designer who likes to make stuff, I have found it easier to showcase my work with several shops on Etsy. It keeps the shops more focused and easier to navigate through Etsy’s system. So here are my shops for you Holiday shoppers: baleandtwine (soaps, linens & home decor), bagandscarf (bags & scarves), cutegems (jewelry) and imornament (pillow covers). While out walking this weekend, we came across these gorgeous leaves. Just had to take a photo to share with you. What a crazy color/pattern! leavesfall

fall colors and adventures in concrete

captured these pics this morning…fallred trees in frostorange treelove the way the sun catches that one tree and makes it glow like gold. Yes- that is frost again under the crabapple trees. Have to admire the fall color while it lasts, the wind keeps blowing all the leaves off. Hopefully we’ll have loads of snow this year to hide the gray:-) Today I added some concrete goodies to my etsy shop. I like the industrial look on the concrete, almost graffiti like. concrete votive holder red stoneBTredroosterBTsnowornBTconcretevotiveBT

what does the fox make when the frost hits?

frosty morning at baleandtwinemr fox coin pursedoughdough2breadBTWell, bread of course! Frost hit this morning with a light coating on the grass. Fortunately it did not hurt our peppers that are still in the garden. Baking always comes to mind when the temps drop and things get chilly. While the bread was rising I worked on my new Mr. Fox coin purse design. He joins the leaf and piggy design. So cute!

“mine” glorious sunrise

sunrise oct20131sunrise oct2013The sunrise was crazy this morning. I had to run to get the camera and look how fast the colors changed as I took the photos. Great start to a beautiful day. Today I decided to play around with my “mine” graphic that I used on my pillow cover previously.  mine-pillowBTI made a fold over clutch that is so cute. I lined the interior with a fun floral fabric. It features an inside pocket and a pretty red ribbon tie closure. minebagBTfrt2mine baleandtwinemine bag baleandtwinemine baleandtwine

kisses – something blue

something bluesomething blueblue butterflyblue butterflypink heartpink heartcity rainsomething blueI have been working on some new pieces for my jewelry shop on etsy “cutegems“. I always love to make jewelry around the holidays. These are perfect for the up coming party season!