wait… summer is leaving us…

garden at Bale and TwineBeing up north in NY state it is always sad to see summer leave so quickly. Fall is gorgeous of course but summer is just a blur of sunny activity. Our garden this year did pretty well after all.

cabbage at Bale and Twine

cabbage at Bale and Twine

Once the mosquitoes hit I sort of abandoned the garden, luckily that paid off. The peppers finally kicked in by September, we had loads of pumpkins and the sunflowers were taller than ever. sunflower at Bale and TwineTomatoes did well too, although I planted too many of the small red ones. I prefer the bigger ones- not that I am lazy:-)- but they are easier to chop up:-) broccoli at Bale and TwineOur broccoli exploded as you can see. I thought it would make a perfect wedding bouquet for those who love their greens:-) This one I gave to our neighbour who is a master gardener. I thought that she would appreciate it the most. red cabbage at Bale and TwineWell,I hope that your gardens worked out too. Don’t forget to dig up those potatoes- I just thought about it this morning. If you have any good tips for getting them out without cutting them in half with the shovel – please share. Soon it will be time to clean them all out and start again. Perhaps we can extend into an Indian summer this fall and not say goodbye to the warmth just yet.

Summer Fresh Soap and new pottery

Introducing my new soap for summer- I call it Summer Breeze. A smooth bar containing shea butter and cocoa butter with a lovely soft blend of essential oils featuring lavender and grapefruit. Summer Breeze Soap cubes soaps shell soaps slicecubes soapsshell soapsslicelettuce and pottery

Here are some of my new pottery pieces- so much fun to see them in use! Hoping to add some pottery works to my shop eventually:-) The lettuce is from our garden- love how vibrant it is. Can’t wait for tomato season! flowersBelow are some super saturated pics from the garden. It may be cold for a good half of the year here but when summer comes- it is an emerald city:-)

Spring has sprung!

Spring arrives. A walk in the woods revealed some red trillium flowers- never knew they could be red. Also found some tourists by the pond:-) SPRINGARRIVESOne anther note, to celebrate the arrival of the warm weather, I have opened a new etsy shop for my jewelry creations! Stop by to check it out! Happy Spring!

Science Fair contest Spoonflower

The latest fabric design contest at Spoonflower is close to my heart! Science Fair! We always have so much fun at our house prepping for the school science fair. My design represents a cartoon version of what we go through:-) You can vote here: http://www.spoonflower.com/contests/238 click on the right side of the screen to enter the voting area. bale and twine science fairHere is a sample of my entry. You can click here to see the fabric page.


I have to start with the incredible winners of the toile de jouy contest at Spoonflower. If you have time, head on over and check out the top ten winners. The winner has a gorgeous design featuring the botanist and scientist Eva Mameli Calvino. This competition was to celebrate international women’s day. It is always exciting to finish your design and finally see what the other entries are. They never cease to amaze and inspire me. The current contest is “bedtime” with a restricted color palette, featuring the colors shown. Here is the design I entered. sweet dreams my love by bale and twinesweetdreamsblog2Perhaps some curtains, sheets, pj’s, or pillows for your little dreamer:-) If you need inspiration for decorating a kid’s bedroom I recommend checking out the contest entries at Spoonflower. There are some really cute designs.

spoonflower toile de jouy, teen decor and Easter

Spoonflower’s latest contest is quite challenging to say the least. A toile de jouy pattern celebrating women’s day. I decided to feature “mothers” and all they can be. I sketched each part in pencil and then combined the drawings into a story. I then had to figure out how to create a nice repeat to render it in the toile de jouy style.  toile mothers toile patternI created these two fun pillow patterns for my daughter’s birthday. Love the way they turned out.teenpillow3 copy pillowteensm copy The Easter painting I just finished and will be listing in my Etsy shop. Would make a cute addition to any kids room or nursery.  easterbunnybt2